Civil War Sharps Carbine. Brass Mounted Sharps 1855 Saddle Ring Carbine. Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company. M1859, 52 percussion Carbine, 50" Barrel, walnut stock. Breech C. SHARPS PATENT SEPT. 12 1848, SHARPS PATENT OCT. 5 1852. and R.S. LAWRENCE PATENT APRIL 12 1859. Marked in front of rear sight SHARPS RIFLE MANUFACTURING Co HARTFORD.

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Sharps rifle civil war

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The military Sharps rifle was produced by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company and is a falling-block rifle used during and after the American Civil War in multiple variations. Along with being able to use a standard percussion cap, the Sharps has an unusual pellet primer feed.. The war between the North and South remains the most bloody conflict in American history with. It’s noteworthy that the stocks of the Nepal Sharps rifles and carbines were made from Honduran wood. British Honduras, or what is Belize today, was where ex Confederate patriots settled after the Civil War. Their efforts to establish colonies and sugar cane and logging industries there failed in the long run. However the Nepal Sharps do seem. Christian Sharps (1811-1874) was the originator of a line of sturdy, practical, and popular military and sporting rifles and handguns that were associated with several events that shaped American history in 19th century, including armed conflict in Kansas during the 1850s, the Civil War, the era of the Plains buffalo hunter, and the rise of modern long-range competiti.

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This is a rare and antique fine condition Civil War Sharps New Model 1863 Military Rifle that remains in its original percussion configuration. This particular Rifle is in the serial number range of those New Model 1863 Rifles issued to the 6th United States Veteran Volunteers. Serial number C 37687 was issued to Daniel H. Collins in Company H. Civil War Life Fire Event - shooting 1861 Springfield, Henry repeating rifle and Sharps carbine1st Minnesota Sharpshooters Civil War Renacting Group..

The most popular Civil War rifle was called the Enfield Rifle or Enfield musket. The British pattern 1853 rifle musket was the second most widely used infantry weapon of the Civil War. Both Federal and Confederate troops used the rifle throughout the war and almost one million were shipped to the combatants from several British manufacturers. The gun was widely regarded. This Rifle replicates the famous model that was introduced in 1895. This new of the time breech loading rifle was used by many Union marksmen during the Civil War because of its accuracy. This finely crafted replica Civil War 1859 Sharps Rifle measures 49.25 inches overall, metal construction with hardwood stock and working action. Features: Finish: Antique Grey. First Sergeant. Both Berdan sharpshooter regiments were issued with Sharps rifles during May/June 1862. The Model 1859 Sharps Infantry rifle was a single shot lever activated, falling block, breechloading gun. It fired a .52 caliber bullet wrapped in either a flat back or rat tailed paper (or linen) cartridge.

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Although used extensively throughout the Civil War, Sharps rifles grew in popularity with the introduction of the Model 1874, which earned the reputation of being an accurate and reliable large-bore weapon. Military and sporting variants of the Sharps rifle appeared over the years and were some of the most widely-used breech-loaders in the Old.

Most Popular Civil War Guns. Long guns like the Springfield Model 1861 musket and Sharps rifle were key elements to battle and are sought after guns by Civil War memorabilia collectors today, while those who fancy hand guns seek out Colt Model 1860 Army or Model 1851 Navy revolvers. The rare Confederate Le Mat revolver is another highly desirable Civil War gun.

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